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Grow Top 7-7-7 is a chemical fertilizer which is proper for drop irrigation systems. It is used at growing stage. Phosphor stimulates root and plant development. NPK plays an important role in many functions. Photosynthesis, synthesis, division of carbohydrates  and transportation of energy within plant are examples of these. It aids Formation of seed, root development, quick maturation and storage of energy which is obtained from phptosynthesis for strength against draught. It shortens products harvesting time. It increases resistances against morbidities. It increases the quality of fruit.

Guaranteed Content

Total Nitrogen

7 %

Ammonium Nitrogen

1.5 %

Nitrate Nitrogen

2 %

Urea Nitrogen

3.5 %

Phosphorous Pentaoxide

7 %

Potassium Oxide

7 %

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