DUTCH MIX 20-20-20 + TE
Solid Fertilizers /

Dutch Mix 20-20-20+TE has been developed for growing and flowering. It provides seed formation and germination.
It makes root grow faster. It provides perfect result in germination and fertilization. It increases the resistance of plant against cold and draught environments.
Dutch Mix 20-20-20+TE is a criystalized fertilizer including macro nutrients.
By this method your plants do not have to be fed by NPK substances unilaterally. It obviously increases the again, number and quality of fruit.

Guaranteed Content

Total Nitrogen

20 %

Ammonium Nitrogen

4 %

Urea Nitrogen

10.5 %

Nitrate Nitrogen

5.5 %

Phosphorous Pentaoxide

20 %

Potassium Oxide

20 %

Copper EDTA Chelated 

0.002 %

Iron EDTA Chelated

0.02 %

Manganes EDTA Chelated

0.01 %

Zinc EDTA Chelated

0.002 %

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