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• This product is designed for proper soil and root system of fruits, vegetables in greenhouses and pots and also it is used for providing golf courts to remain green. It prevents strawing of grass.
• Ashley Fert is used in all phases  (by dripping during watering) . 1:10000
• It facilitates the nutrient absorption of plants. In addition to this it reduces the over fertilization risk.
• It magnificently stimulates the soil life and it has positive effect in growing, development  stage of roots and blooming of fruit, vegetables and plants.
• It separates the dead plants and root residues in lower layers and therefore it reduces the risk for soil diseases.

For optimal result rinse spray  water (without nutrient)together with Fernabio Ashley Fert in every 10 days.  Also use for cleaning the nutrient in final week of blooming.

Guaranteed Content

Organic Substance 

10 %

Alginic Acid

0.1 %

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